Mon Ami - The wedding of Dana & Joe

God sometimes works in some really mysterious ways.  On the morning of Saturday August 23rd I was laying in bed when I received a text message from our friends at Beauty Therapy.  I learned that Dana & Joe’s photographer had cancelled just hours before the wedding was set to begin. The location was about two hours away, and the day was already in progress.  After a few phone calls my great friend (Jeff Gallimore) and I were in transit and ready to take on whatever the day would bring. 

Upon arrival we entered the hotel room to an applause - it was the best feeling in the world.  I immediately gave Dana a hug and told her that she doesn’t need to worry about the photography.  As the day progressed Jeff & I arrived at Mon Ami Winery, this is where the ceremony & reception were to take place.  I had not been here before but wow was it a photographers treat!  Beautiful vineyard, well kept grounds, and an incredible wine cellar that was beautifully decorated for the reception.  There are some really amazing images in the stack!

While I didn’t know Dana & Joe previous to their wedding day, I have gotten to know them fairly well in the last couple weeks.  They are great people and the outpouring of gratitude from the family and friends has been extraordinary.  God sometimes works in some really mysterious ways, and Dana & Joe’s wedding was no exception.