We are Adam & Mary - a husband & wife - a dad & mom - a creative team.

Every evening should be a Friday evening; it’s our favorite time of the week.  It’s when we unwind at our home in Cuyahoga Falls and surround ourselves with friends & family.  We’re foodies so a good guacamole competition is always in order, and if its not guac it’s usually something else.  We’re also big fans of craft beer and a great cheese, which is why we’re super excited about the Market District that opened down the road – the place is loaded with them!  Our two children, who refer to us as mom-o and dad-o, are also pretty excited; they have pallets that are more advanced than most American adults. 



The kids are finally old enough that we can ride a pretty great distance on the Towepath Trail without having to pull them in a trailer.  Exercise is pretty important to us, and bicycle riding is among our favorite things to do when the weather is nice.  Speaking of nice weather, we would like to relocate to the beach, specifically Surfside, but for now our banana tree will need to suffice as beachy enough.  Each year we make our way to the beaches of South Carolina, the oceanfront houses are the perfect getaway.  We always ask ourselves why do we spend 51 weeks a year in Ohio and only one in South Carolina, it seem that these numbers should be reversed, perhaps that relocation should come sooner than later.  

Photography is the creative outlet that drives us.  We love meeting with couples that enjoy our work, and we strive to do an extraordinary job for those we select to work with.  When you choose Belle Ombre, you work with Adam & Mary, we don’t outsource our work.  Our number one goal is to know our clients, and for our clients to know us.  We want you to be absolutely comfortable with us and the camera, this can be seen in the work that we share.  The experience we create is what our couples value the most; this is why we limit the number of weddings we accept each year to only fifteen.  We will help you plan for photography so your day is relaxed.     

If your search for wedding photography has brought you here, send us a message.

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Adam & Mary